Moses was a fantastic guide and I really enjoyed the safari experience with him. He was able to spot animals well before they were visible to the rest of us (and even more importantly, predict where they were headed so we could enjoy a close view as well).  Although we were close enough to smell the elephants, we were well taken care of and felt safe under his guidance. Our days were well paced with a good balance of background on the animals, the climate, and weather when there weren’t animals nearby.  He did a great job of arranging lodging that was within our budget and breathtaking simultaneously.  If I’m ever lucky enough to get back to Tanzania, I would look forward to another safari with Moses and Serengeti Sange!

– Kyle Jackson, MD,
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL


My husband and I booked our safari through Mosses and had a fantastic time!  Before we left for Tanzania we emailed him a brief description of what we wanted out of the trip (to see lots of animals, places to stay that were luxurious/romantic but not astronomically expensive).  Mosses was very prompt about getting back to us with names and example itinerarys/prices so we could look at the hotels online ahead of time and make sure it was on par with what we wanted.  I was especially nervous about the wire transfer of our deposit to a country I had never visited but needen’t have been.  The price of the trip overall ended up being a good deal, a little below even what travel agents in the US had quoted us and (as I explain later) we had our own private safari which I was not expecting.  When I arrived everything was arranged just as it should have been and the car picked us up at our hotel right on time to begin the safari.

The safari itself was fantastic.  Having a private car allowed us to take extra time in places we found interesting.  Mosses was an excellent guide.  We saw every animal we wanted to see, and Mosses was full of interesting facts about the animals and the land.  He made sure that every lodge was up to our expectations when we stopped and made sure the car was stocked with everything we needed during the day.  The car was relatively new and I always felt completely safe on the trip, even on the narrow winding dirt roads.  Best of all Mosses always greeted us with a smile in the mornings and seemed to genuinely take pride in his job and his country.  We had an unforgettable time and an unforgettable guide.  Thank you Mosses!!

– Marin Arnolds, MD;  Northwestern University, Chicago, IL



5 Responses to Testmonials

  1. Nidhya Navanandan says:

    We had an amazing time on our Safari with Mosses. Everything was well-planned and organized throughout our trip. Mosses was not only knowledgeable about the wildlife we were seeing but was also amazing at spotting animals and ensuring we saw the “big five” and more! He was also a fun tour guide which made the experience even more enjoyable! I would definitely do Safari with Mosses again!

    ask Nidhya Navanandan about Serengeti sange safari

  2. Melissa Bauters says:

    We had such a great time on our safari! Mosses was an excellent guide- he knew a lot about the animals and showed us all of the “big five” in no time. He’s a great guy and we all really enjoyed his company as well. He picked awesome hotels for our group that were right in our budget. I would definitely recommend Serengeti Sange Safari to anyone looking for a great Tanzanian safari experience. Thanks, Mosses!

    ask Melissa Bauters about Serengeti sange safari

  3. Olanma says:

    Moses is an amazing tour guide and quite the chef, both camping and lodging. He made the 3 day Safari a phenomenal experience and one i will not forget. I would definitely recommend him.
    He is also very knowledgeable about the wildlife and overall history of Tanzania.

    Ask Olanma about Serengeti sange safari

  4. Alvaro says:

    Moses organist a superb safari for us where everything worked just great, He definitely knows very well the National Park and helped us spot lots of animals. Additionally, he is a very talented cook and we loved his evening food -soups, chicken, salads…- so I can absolutely recommend Serengeti Sange Safari as the best option for very reasonable prices!

    Ask Alvaro about Serengeti sange safari

  5. mosseslukuba says:

    Anna Toon FYI. the other photos are from Moses camera…. ANOTHER safari with other people, which Moses led. He did a great job with Pene and I. We saw lions, gazelles, giraffes, hippos, 5 of the last 26 remaining black rhinos, baboons, elephants, wildebeest, hyenas, jackals, zebra, impalas, caped buffalo, ostrich, multiple other birds, velvet faced monkeys. Camped in tents we set up in Serengeti Park campgrounds, – grounds manned by armed guard, to keep an eye on the wandering lions, elephants, wild pigs known to prowl around the tents at night. Would recommend Moses on Serengeti safari to any who might travel there.
    Tuesday at 9:53am · Like
    Ask Anna Toon abut Serengeti Sange safari

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